The elementary dominion is to try to prepare the pill quantity first of all with water. Other solvent or binders are against when they can produce a mastery worth bunches than with water.

Afterhours Clinic

Serves in compensation the treatment of resinous pill masses, since resins adjourn in ethanol or swell in it.

Plastifies pill masses that have in it goodly amounts of solids haler than water. Generally speaking consumed as Aqua giycerinata (1: 1).

Sugar (beetroot and milk). Beet sugar is tempered to in the arrangement of uninvolved syrup, sugar be unbelievable (selfsame parts of syrup and ditch-water), as in all probability as a farrago of syrup, glycerin and thin out (1: 1: 8); slows down drying. Can be utilized as a authority as a hydrophilic plasticizer. Milk sugar does not absorb heavy water, but it makes the pills easier to disintegrate.

Shop extracts. The most commonly used clotted licorice extricate is a importantly viscous hygroscopic molten that plasticizes pharmaceutical masses expressively and slows down their drying at the in spite of time.

When using dry liquorice quotation, the addition of glycerin and glycerin effervescent water is required. About all iatrical substances (liquid, friendly and dry) can be turned into lozenge masses using licorice extracts. In this lawsuit, it is important to use source levigate, otherwise the pills choice break up with difficulty.

Teeming extracts of dandelion, wormwood, and valerian tuber are also honourable binders suitable over the extent of making assorted pilule masses. No matter what, these extracts must be considered both adjuvans (bitterness) and medicinal substances (valerian obtain) at the same time.


Herbal powders. Powders of licorice root, dandelion, wormwood, valerian root are always accompanied in pills with the extracts of the same name. Other root powders, such as marshmallow incumbents, can also be added to the combination of the medication mass.

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